Rhythmic Gymnastics: A Guide to Mastering Polyrhythms


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Forgotten Masters of the Violin, Volume 1: Basil Althaus


Collected Works of Basil Althaus for Violin and Piano. Compiled and Edited by Katherine Okesson. Includes 6 Miniatures, Op. 62Violin Concertino No. 2, Op. 72Violin Concertino No. 4, Op. 90, and Violin Concertino No. 5, Op. 104. Contains performance suggestions, composer biography, and quotes by the composer. Suitable for beginning and early intermediate violin students. This is the first volume of the Forgotten Masters of the Violin series. July 31, 2021 release date. 

Forgotten Masters of the Violin, Volume 2: Pavel L. Bytovetzski


Collected Works of Pavel L. Bytovetzski for Violin and Piano. Compiled and Edited by Katherine Okesson. Includes Double Stopping for the Violin, Scale Technique, and Specific Violin Exercises for the Development of the 3rd and 4th Fingers. Contains performance suggestions, composer biography, and quotes from Bytovetski's How to Master the Violin: A Practical Guide for Student and Teachers. Suitable for beginning and intermediate violin students. This is the second volume of the Forgotten Masters of the Violin series. July 31, 2021 release date.

Article: "Finding Your Better Half: The Search for a Comprehensive Half-Position Method"


Article published in the KASTA (Kansas American String Teachers Association) Newsletter. A discussion of the importance of half-position training. Provides an overview of the unique physical demands of half-position, evaluates common method books, explores what materials are already written for half-position study, and suggests exercises which may be adapted by teachers for educational use. Includes a chart.

Fall 2017. 8 pages. 

Okesson, Katherine. “Finding Your Better Half: The Search for a Comprehensive Half-Position Method.” KASTA Newsletter 16, no. 3 (2017): 19-27.       KASTA String Pedagogy Database. http://kastanewsletter.weebly.com/database.html

A Daily Practice Journal for Suzuki Students: A Guide to Managing Review Pieces, Preview Spots, Tonalization Exercises, and Daily Listening


A Daily Practice Journal for Suzuki Students is written for teachers, parents, and students of the Suzuki Method. It accommodates up to eight weeks of private study, and has space for recording weekly lesson assignments and daily practicing times.

Unlike any other practice journal on the market, this book helps keep track of information unique to the Suzuki Method. Review pieces, preview spots, tonalization exercises, and daily listening activities may all be documented. In addition, there is space for listing completed pieces and performance dates. Finally, manuscript paper is provided for teachers who prefer to create customized technical exercises.

October 2017. 135 pages. 

ISBN-13: 978-1978146525

ISBN-10: 1978146523 


Selected Violin Works of Alan Scott ‘Vaness’ Chakmakjian Hovhaness: Two New Performance Editions with Historical Discussion, Compositional Style Overviews, and Pedagogical Considerations


This DMA document introduces new performance editions of Alan Scott ‘Vaness’ Chakmakjian Hovhaness’s Khirgiz Suite, Op. 73, No. 1 (1951) and the Three Visions of Saint Mesrob, Op. 198 (1962). The new editions created for this document supply violinists with usable performance copies, greatly increasing the likelihood of their future performance. In addition, historical discussion, compositional style overviews, and pedagogical considerations are presented for these pieces. Finally, a detailed list of Hovhaness’s violin compositions and information about where they may be purchased has been provided.


Primarily, the purpose of this study was to provide an overview of the violin works of Alan Hovhaness to violinists, musicologists, and string pedagogues. The goal was to explore the literature, so that its usefulness could be explained to the string community. The conclusion is that these compositions have great historic, compositional, and pedagogical value. It is also determined that they may be performed successfully at the pre-college and early collegiate levels, providing supplementary training repertoire of a wide range of twentieth-century compositional styles.

2017. University of Kansas.

Available through ProQuest/UMI. 171 pages.

Composers of the Violin and Viola: Selected Essays and Creative Projects by the 2014-2015 Okesson Violin and Viola Studio


This book was created by the 2014-2015 Okesson Violin and Viola Studio. It includes essays, composer biographies, recipes, craft projects, timelines, mobiles, drawings, poetry, short stories, original compositions, and more. Contributions were made by Matthew Ball, Nate Beard, Emma Brase, Lauren Cassou, Angie Chae, Ava Chae, Lauren Fischer, Claire Huber, Anna-Grace Katzenmeier, Jana Kellogg, Alice Le, Tony Liu, Clara Mayfield, Abram Mugler, Luke Mugler, Carter Nelson, Hali Peterson, Hope Peterson, Hiba Rasheed, Christopher Remple, Leah Selman, Youna Song, Younjin Song, Julianne Stone, Andrew Suh, and Allen Zhang. The cover was designed by former student Alex Brase. The preface was written by Dr. David Littrell. Katherine Okesson edited, compiled, and directed the project.

2015. 187 pages. 

ISBN-13: 978-1548361211

ISBN-10: 1548361216    


Full PDF available for purchase through above "Shop" link.

Paperback book available on Amazon.

A Violin Recital with Program Notes and Theoretical Analysis


This report was written in conjunction with a Master of Music violin recital, performed in All Faiths Chapel on Monday, March 25, 2002. 

2002. Kansas State University. Available through ProQuest/UMI. 83 pages.

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