T. A. Timms & Son: Custom Embroidered Violin Cases

June 8, 2019

My violin has high arching - REALLY high arching. It is so deep that the instrument doesn't fit in most violin cases. Over the years, I've tried cases made by the American Case Company, BAM, Bobelock, Concord, Gewa, GL Cases, Hightech, Musafia, and Tonareli. I've also tried multiple student-grade cases when I was desperate for something that would work. 


The best of these was the Bobelock brand, with their huge range of features, larger depths, reasonable prices, and durable construction. (http://www.bobelock.com/index.html)


Unfortunately, even Bobelock's thick, padded suspension wasn't deep enough for my Degani. My violin's back and bridge were jarred with every inadvertent bump of the case. I spent a huge amount of time and money on soundpost and bridge adjustments before it became obvious that I needed to get a custom case.


After months of deliberation, I settled on contacting the T. A. Timms & Son Case Company, located in Buckinghamshire, England (http://www.tatimms.com/). The company has a long and elite history of case making, extending from apprenticeships with W. E. Hill & Sons and Michael Gordge. The T. A. Timms & Son Case Company has built cases for some of the most famous violinists in the world, including orchestral musicians and international soloists. They are also world-renowned for the repair and restoration of Gordge and Hill violin and viola cases.


The Timms cases are designed and built by Desmond Timms and his wife, Rachel. Made in the traditional English style, the cases come with interior supension, tailpiece "buffer" pads, solid brass hinges, adjustable bow-twists, a wooden shell, velvet or suede interior (in a huge range of colors), hand-stitched leather handles and shoulder straps, music pockets, three-layer interior blankets, hygrometers, and "D" rings (which are attached to the wooden shell rather than the outer cover). The cases are sturdy, practical, and beautiful.


I ordered two cases - a shaped case for plane travel and an English model (or oblong) for daily use. Desmond asked me to provide tracings and measurements of my violin, so that the case shells could be built to size. I was also able to customize the features of each case, including choosing fabric colors, music pockets, and adding special "D" rings so I could wear them as a backpack. Finally, Desmond allowed my mother, an incredibly talented fiber artist, to create unique needlework designs on the interior fabric.


English Style (Oblong) Model - Interior Pocket

Case by T. A. Timms & Son; Embroidery by Janice Gail


English Style (Oblong) Model - Interior Blanket

Case by T. A. Timms & Son; Embroidery by Janice Gail


Shaped Model - Interior Pocket

Case by T. A. Timms & Son; Embroidery by Janice Gail


Shaped Model - Interior Blanket

Case by T. A. Timms & Son; Embroidery by Janice Gail



The final two cases are breathtakingly gorgeous. Having carried them for almost two years, I can attest to their fine craftsmanship and rugged durability. 


English Style (Oblong) Model - Interior with Blanket in Protective Plastic

Case by T. A. Timms & Son; Embroidery by Janice Gail


Shaped Model - Interior with Blanket

Case by T. A. Timms & Son; Embroidery by Janice Gail


Above all, Desmond Timms was an absolute joy to work with. He was responsive to emails, listened carefully to my "wish" list, and even provided me with photos and regular updates of the cases during production. Desmond lovingly nicknamed my extra-deep cases "the Twins", and provided them with extra lid check-straps to support the extra height and weight of the lids. 


During production, I was also sent velvet samples to choose from and Rachel Timms made special arrangements to find matching gross grain ribbons for the interiors. Every aspect of these cases was designed with love, care, and the utmost dedication to detail. They are guaranteed against defect and insurance papers were included. 


I can't recommend the T. A. Timms & Son Case Company highly enough! If you are searching for a custom case with perfect customer service and flawless craftsmanship, you really shouldn't look anywhere else. In terms of the embroidery though, you're out of luck! My mom's not making any more! :-)


Happy music making!


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