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This book was created by the 2014-2015 Okesson Violin and Viola Studio. It includes essays, composer biographies, recipes, craft projects, timelines, mobiles, drawings, poetry, short stories, original compositions, and more. Contributions were made by Matthew Ball, Nate Beard, Emma Brase, Lauren Cassou, Angie Chae, Ava Chae, Lauren Fischer, Claire Huber, Anna-Grace Katzenmeier, Jana Kellogg, Alice Le, Tony Liu, Clara Mayfield, Abram Mugler, Luke Mugler, Carter Nelson, Hali Peterson, Hope Peterson, Hiba Rasheed, Christopher Remple, Leah Selman, Youna Song, Younjin Song, Julianne Stone, Andrew Suh, and Allen Zhang. The cover was designed by former student Alex Brase. The preface is by Dr. David Littrell. Dr. Katherine Okesson edited, compiled, and directed the project.

2015. Okesson Music Press. 187 pages.


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Composers of the Violin and Viola

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